(Very) short stories, asides, and pieces of worldbuilding. I suppose you might call this a ‘portfolio’. There’s corporate copy in there, and everything.


The Temple ov New Process: short faction/leader descriptor for a space-themed 4X

Kiroshi Steganography: how we might combat revenge-porn in the world of Cyberpunk 2077

Sabrefish XVIII: part of a series on the Assassinorum Mechanicus, developed originally for 28

The Gothic Phantom: more from the 28 thing that eventually became Black Powder Red Earth 28mm

Max Payne: The Wrestling:, a brief screenplay about Max Payne’s legendary career in the graps


COVID-19, anxiety, and the office: be calm, underlings. Pret needs business

Coping with bereavement during a crisis: there’s a lot of this. Difficult information, presented with clarity

Omega Global/Tethys Maritime: capabilities of a maritime private security firm

Yellowhammer Energy—Knowledge: drilling tech startup

Blog Workshop Part One: my efforts to reform Games Workshop’s community. It worked, they’re dead successful now

Adeptus Mechanicus collection page copy: product page copy for a collection of items. Niche information, presented clearly