Yellowhammer Energy—knowledge

Bigging up a hydrocarbon extraction startup, in around 2010. Possibly the only company I’ve ever been willing to type (hnggh) ‘utilize’ for.

They paid well enough for it, I guess.


Employing a deep knowledge of the cutting-edge, to provide superior service.

By constantly learning, we stay one step ahead of the curve.

Our solid knowledge base of drilling innovation is ever expanding, allowing us to provide bleeding-edge services. In an industry as technically complex as ours, a key to success is the ability to stay on top of developing technology and innovation—choosing when to utilize the latest technology and when to have the savvy to stay focused on trusted methods.

Yellowhammer constantly monitors for new developments in equipment, methods and technique, picking and choosing the most promising new ideas and integrating them seamlessly into our own drilling and operating practices. That doesn’t mean just subscribing and reading the many industry news sources out there, it means a commitment to being knowledgeable about current and past developments—and it means staying abreast of innovations in parallel fields, as well.

Among the many areas we cover, Yellowhammer focuses on the best innovations in:

  • Drilling Efficiency
  • Engineering and Well Design
  • Reservoir Protection
  • Wellbore Stability
  • Well Completions
  • Production Optimization Processes
  • Drilling and Completion Fluids
  • Cementing

Solid knowledge, applied practically


We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our services. We monitor all significant developments in the drilling industry.  We take pride in constantly striving to make our knowledge base second to none. A part of that mission is hiring the best experts in the areas of engineering and operations.

Strategy & flexibility

Not every innovation is necessarily a good innovation. Yellowhammer understands this. Part of our philosophy on development is to ensure that every new innovation has the potential to surpass current methods, using trusted methods when innovation fails to meet our rigorous standards.


Of course, knowledge is useless without the ability to apply it practically—and we at Yellowhammer understand implicitly which methodologies to apply to which situations. From multinationals to regionals, we understand your needs, and how to satisfy them.

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