Blog Workshop Part One

A selection of posts written for Games Workshop, for the Warhammer Community thing. Slightly tongue in cheek.

How, then, is power balanced?

The Realmgate Wars! The series of books detailing the struggle for power in the Mortal Realms between Sigmar’s forces of Order and the Chaos that has been corrupting the land for some time now, they’re a fantastic narrative campaign full of awesome stories, Battleplans and Time of War rules that make games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar just that little bit spicier.

The sprawling war for the Mortal Realms escalates in fine style in this book—the initial incursion by the Stormcast Eternals is over, and Chaos has been able to regroup for a brutal counterattack. However, Sigmar’s sacred hammer Ghal Maraz has been found, so we’re in for a bit of a scrap!

Battleplans are special rule sets that affect the way a game is played, and can be used with any army. For example, one Battleplan from Balance of Power introduces an incredibly unstable sheet of ice the two sides fight on—a wrong move can spell a chilly death!

Time of War rules allow you to play out your battles in certain times and places, with extra spells, triumphs and effects relative to the battlefield, and are again usable by any army. One set of Time of War rules from Balance of Power introduces huge blizzards, icequakes and magical fog into the mix—these can completely turn the tide of a fight.

Warscroll Battalions are formations of miniatures in Warhammer Age of Sigmar with special rules conferred upon them.

Balance of Power features some splendid painting guides, which you can use to get your miniatures looking battle-ready!

Jamie, the Tyrannical Blog Overlord reckons the Realmgate Wars books have really added to his Warhammer Age of Sigmar playing experience, allowing for a depth and complexity that far outshines the potential from the standard rule set. Torglug’s Foulblessed in the Realm of Ghran within the Jotunberg Vortex? Amazing.

As if the Balance of Power wasn’t enough, there are two other books in the Realmgate Wars series you can purchase now, full of Battleplans and Times of War and more and better besides. Don’t hesitate, check them out with your face and eyes!

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