Omega Global/Tethys Maritime

Rebranding and direction for a maritime security firm. This was a while ago. I’m not sure if the company still exists in this form—ten years is a long time in private security. There are mistakes in this. The client asked for them.


Overseeing every facet of the security process

Local intel—applied internationally


Tethys has a wealth of experience in the highest echelons of security and risk management, with a team roster including former US Special Forces Operations personnel, high-level Dept. Of Defense staff and numerous agents with a solid history of facilitating the needs of foreign govts. with the US State Dept.


Intelligence in the field of maritime security means several things: understanding threat, awareness of dangerous regions, and familiarity with local laws and practices. Our knowledge of piracy trends in the South-East Asia region is unmatched, and with our developing base in Singapore Tethys is an emerging leader in a market where relations with local govts. and law enforcement agencies is critical.


Tethys is able to manage every step of the security process—planning, co-ordinating and customizing to suit your requirements. Appropriate selection of team members experienced in client needs, organization of arrival/departures of all Company personnel, all necessary materials from local radio communications to helicopters: these are all adjustable to your needs. From smoothing relations with foreign governments to full multimedia after-encounter reviews, Tethys is the epitome of management versatility.


Maritime training scenarios to prepare your crew

Negating danger—and the effects of danger


Modern piracy attacks are violent, sudden and traumatic. While we take every possible step to avoid and prevent attacks, occasional confrontation is inevitable. The danger to crews is very real, and the effects of the trauma will last a lifetime. Bringing crews through a conflict unscathed, mentally and physically, is a primary concern of Tethys.


Our Red Force training packages are carried out onboard the crew’s own personal vessel, for a sense of familiarity. Our agents act as pirates, demonstrating realistically how an attack might unfold. We can go so far as to conduct an armed demonstration, giving the crew a true taste of the possible trauma. Familiarizing the crew with what to expect, and teaching them to react ‘on their feet’ is vitally important should a situation arise.


All of our training packages are conducted in coordination with the vessel Captain’s input and consent. Exhaustive after-action reviews will be completed as appropriate, and a full evaluation of the shipboard’s protective measures can be conducted so that security recommendations can be provided. We can assist our clients by evaluating and, where necessary, updating and improving upon their own emergency policies and procedures.

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